Pups & Friends Mobile App

A social media platform for animal lovers

Allows users to have profiles containing photos (taken by users) of dogs they have met in the real world.

A Unique App

  • Have access to photos of every dog you’ve seen in your life.
  • Make new connections with fellow animal lovers and their pets.
  • PUPS is free and fun.
  • Spend more time outside and become more social.
  • Add friends and like, comment, and share their posts.
  • Take a Live Photo in real life or make a post using your camera roll. See every animal you’ve ever photographed!
  • Earn points by completing challenges.
  • Post different breeds to unlock Breed Badges for Cats and Dogs.
  • Select “other” for any other animal in the world you’d like to post to include: Flamingos, crocodiles, and everything in between!
  • Include the optional location feature in your post to see all the places on the globe where you saw that animal.


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1000+ Users

Earn Points

The more the user posts, the more points the user will earn. Earning additional points will allow users to earn “Titles”, which will be displayed near their username. Earning points will allow users to “Rank Up” and earn these titles.




A Short Video Tour

Visit the “accolades” screen with every dog breed silhouette. As users post different breeds they will unlock the accolade for that breed, which will show up in color on their accolades page.


A new home for dog lovers to be able to see all of the dogs they have met in their lifetime.

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